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Banana CHIPS

No sugar Added



​We use a special process that allows us to preserve the natural sweetness of bananas without the need of adding sugar.


The result is a healthy snack that's perfect for every family

  • Natural sweetness. Taste the natural sweetness of traditional bananas - no sugar added!

  • Produced at the perfect stage. Experience banana chips produced at the perfect stage for ripeness, ripe but not too ripe, that draws out the light natural sweetness of traditional bananas.

  • Fried with healthy oil. The chips are fried with organic virgin coconut oil. Most companies fry the chips from unhealthy trans fat oils. 

  • Organic bananas. We only carefully-chosen traditional Philippine bananas to be used as chips. 
    companies fry the chips using unhealthy trans fat oils.

  • Naturally contains a great source of dietary fiber, potassium, magnesium, and other vitamins like A & C. 

Packaging Options

  • Silver Pouch: 40g, 60g, 1kg

  • Pink Pouch: 40g, 60g

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