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coconut water

  • Enjoy nature at its fullest. Our coconut water is the new thirst quenching body hydrating drink that provides the REAL freshness, fullness, and goodness of organic coconut water from optimally-mature coconuts. 

  • Specially-developed process. We dedicated three years researching the best process to preserve  farm fresh coconut water using carefully-selected organic coconuts.

  • True coconut water goodness. Captures the true goodness of coconut water from organically, optimally-mature, and fresh coconuts.

  • 100% pure. No sugar added - simply pure coconut water.  

  • Storage life. Six (6) months when chilled at four (4) degrees Celsius.


  • Hot Fill Bottle: 350 ml 

  • Own packaging requirements: Hot fill bottle, requires to be chilled at four (4) degrees Celsius) 


With the huge demand for coconut water, numerous companies have been trying to find the cheapest coconut water - and most of the times, it sacrifices the quality of the water 


  • Avoid Concentrates. Coconut water is turned to syrup by exposing it extremely high temperatures. Once it reaches its destination, water is added to bring it back to its desired taste. Most companies use this process since it’s cheaper and easier to import the water; however, the high temperatures cause the water to lose beneficial nutrients and/or enzymes lost its effectiveness.

  • Avoid added sweeteners & natural flavors. Check the ingredients list to see if they added sugar or sweeteners. This is added when companies need to mask the acidic or bitter taste from poor processing. 

  • Avoid Chemicals. Some companies add preservatives that make the coconut water last longer on shelf. Choose brands that only list “coconuts” as the only ingredient. This shows the company’s expertise in preserving the natural nutrients and flavor.

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