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(250 ml)

It’s clear, and clearly fresh.

In your hand is pure coconut extract that comes from 100% organic Philippine coconuts. It’s oil that’s clear, light, and smooth with the mild coconut tropical taste and scent.

  • Four (4) times more antioxidants. Based on a recent ORAC test, our virgin coconut oil has 4,377 umol TE/100g antioxidants while the average virgin coconut oil only has 1,070 umol TE/100g

  • 48-Hour Farm Fresh Promise. Oil is processed, from tree to oil, in 48 hours! The result is a water-like oil that is has a mild and light aroma and taste. 

  • High content of laurin, MCT & olein oils. Preserves 50% lauric acid and up to 70% MCT.

  • Fresh and mild aroma and taste. Experience the REAL, light and mild aroma/flavor of coconut oil! 

  • Simply pure. Free from sediments, metal contaminants, and impurities. Non-refined, non-bleached, non-deodorized, non-fermented, and non-GMO.

  • All natural & certified-organic. Certified-organic with USDA, Europe, and Japan.

  • Easy-to-drink. ZERO peroxide and low FFA scores ensure that each bottle is smooth and non-irritating to drink.

Tree to Oil in 48 hours 


For over ten years, we have developed the fresh-centrifuged process to create virgin coconut oil in its

most raw, natural and fresh form.  

We understand how important it is to capture the full nature of virgin coconut oil, including its original taste and aroma, that exists in real, fresh and mature coconut fruit. 

  • Freshly harvested coconuts processed within 48 hours from harvest.

  • Fresh oil is extracted within 2 hours from opening of the nuts.

  • Innovative processing method that preserves the REAL NATURE of coconut oil as it exists in fresh and whole coconut meat.

Shelf Life: 2 years

Ingredients: Organic coconuts from the Philippines 

Process: 100% fresh-centrifuged process 


The item was well-packaged and immediately shipped! I absolutely love how versatile this product is! This VCO tastes so good and it doesn't have that icky thick smell and strong taste that other VCOs have. Will definitely order again ❤️


I’m a big fan of VCO products. When I received this item, I immediately tried it on my hair, and my dog’s hair — I also sometimes use it when I cook. It has no strong odor, and the oil quality is very clear.

I only use natural products for my skin care and this virgin coconut oil is the purest I have bought! I use it as moisturizer for my face and my body and my skin never felt as smooth as it does now. Super favorite!! 5 stars for this one will definitely buy more!!


Your trusted source for wholesale and bulk organic virgin coconut oil

With strong confidence of its capabilities and awareness of its weaknesses AG sees in the future many possibilities to work with others to do what is good. AG will seek suitable opportunities to extend its business and development undertakings to other needy coconut farming communities in the country. 


We will further develop and strengthen its channel for fair-trade organic coconut products to key markets under its Fairtrade International certification program. AG wish to enhance its partnership with existing customers, and develop new ones as necessary to advance the business philosophy: “There is good business in sustainable development of farm communities”.

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Retail Packaging (Glass Jars) 

  • 4 oz glass 

  • 300 ml glass jar 

  • 500 ml glass jar 

  • 1000 ml glass jar 

Retail Packaging (PET Bottle) 

  • 250 ml 

Bulk Packaging

  • 4L HDPE pails 

  • 20L HDPE pails 

  • 108L Food-Grade Drum 

  • 1000L IBC Tote 


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