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Antioxidants in Virgin Coconut Oil

One of the benefits with using virgin coconut oil is its rich amount of antioxidants.

But the real question is... does your virgin coconut oil have enough antioxidants?

But first, let's talk about antioxidants and free radicals.

Why do I need antioxidants?

Antioxidants are nature’s superheroes who help fight the effects of free radicals. Free radicals damage other cells and is linked to cancer, Alzheimer's, asthma, diabetes, and many more. It also speeds up the aging process by causing wrinkles, dry skin, etc.

How bad are free radicals?

Imagine a thief who steals body parts - that’s what free radicals do. They steal “electrons” from other cells causing it to breakdown. When your cells breakdown, they cause diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and more.

Sources of free radicals are as follows:

  • Toxins from cigarette smoke, pollution, pesticides etc.

  • Exposed to sunlight, radiation, etc.

  • Fried food especially from reused fat or oil

  • Food rich in refined sugar and carbohydrates

  • Processed meat that contain preservatives such as sausages and bacon.

  • Alcohol

  • Stress

  • Exercising

  • Natural aging

A free radical, once formed, has missing electrons in their outer shell. They will do anything to fill that gap by stealing electrons from your body’s cells.

Your body cells break down.

Once your body’s cells lose electrons, it starts to break down. Your DNA, proteins, and cell membrane gets damaged paving the way for diseases. These damaged cells steal from your other cells too! This creates a domino effect that damages more cells.

You age faster. Damaged skin cells causes wrinkles, eye bags, dry skin, and dull skin. While your body can protect you from damage, this diminishes with age and time. You also should be careful with how much free radicals you consume, if not, your body can no longer protect you.

Antioxidants save the day.

When free radicals steal electrons from other cells, your body experiences oxidative stress. It is as an imbalance between the production of free radicals and the antioxidant system.

If you have too many free radicals, you need help from other sources to boost your body’s defenses. Some sources are:

  • Herbs/spices. Ex: green tea, oregano, clove, cumin, ginger, thyme, rosemary, turmeric, and parsley

  • Vegetables. Ex: broccoli flowers, carrots, tomatoes, eggplant, lettuce, and

  • Fruits. Ex: apples, papaya, red grapes, raspberries, mangoes, and strawberries

  • Others. Cacao or dark chocolate

Antioxidants donate a free electron to the free radicals. This way, the free radicals stop stealing electrons from other cells. By donating their electrons, they lessen and/or prevent the effects of free radicals.

The antioxidants don’t become free radicals because they are stable by themselves! They clean up free radicals the way fiber cleans waste in your body.

How much antioxidants do we need?

While there is no “official” recommended intake, the optimal intake is 3000-5000 ORAC units per day. Any greater than that is likely excreted by the kidneys (1).

High doses of antioxidant supplements can harm your body. This is why it’s best if you take it from natural sources (2) like virgin coconut oil.

How many antioxidants does virgin coconut oil have?

Pure organic virgin coconut oil, like the one from AG Nutriceuticals, has an antioxidant value of 4,377 ORAC units.

Why do other virgin coconut oils have a higher amount of antioxidants?

Processes, like most 100% cold-pressed oils, may destroy antioxidants. Despite its name, the coconut meat is still exposed to extreme temperatures for long periods of time. The prolonged exposure to high heat destroys the nutrients.

To preserve the antioxidants, we use a 100% fresh-centrifuged process. This means that the oil is only exposed in low temperature heat during the entire process. We also ensure that the oil is extracted within 48 hours from harvest. By doing these steps we are able to preserve more antioxidants than others.

The best ways antioxidants in virgin coconut oil

  • Boost your immune system. Drink 1-2 tablespoons per day.

  • Hair Care. Apply a small amount on hair before sleeping. You can opt to wash it after 10 mins or let it stay overnight.

  • Kills pimples. Apply a small amount over affected area everyday until pimple disappears.

  • Facial wash. Gently rub the oil on your face. Once done, wash with a gentle facial wash.

  • Moisturize lips. Apply a small amount on lips when needed.

  • Freshen breath. Gargle 1-2 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil in your mouth for 5 minutes. Rinse with water.

Create your own virgin coconut oil brand.

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